About Bryan

“Pursuing a complete meditative state”

Bryan had traveled globally to invest time in meeting with gallery’s & street artists, but his artwork was considered a hobby at most, until he discovered incredible emotional reactions after giving friends and charities paintings.

Bryan’s work is very fluid and has no recipe of structure. His mood sets the tone for his experience. His investment doesn’t just “fill your wall space” but his art let's the collector “feel their wall space". He strongly recommends you light from multiple angles to create unusual effects to “accentuate the artistic drama.” He is eternally pursuing a complete meditative state by liquefying, drizzling, striking, swirling and flinging vibrant acrylics.

He uses “heavy rough paper” because “life is rough.” It is coarse, bumpy and unpredictable. Experiences in life and painting are metaphorically similar. They both are impulsive departures into the unknown that never repeat again. Painting is freedom of choice; just like in life, the random choices you make in life determine an infinite number of outcomes. His paintings continue to increase in value every year, so enjoy the opportunity space you choose to showcase his artwork to your friends, family and business associates!

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